TEST 1 - UNITS 1&2

PART A) Complete the sentences with the words/phrases from the box.

valuable      looks like      announcement      suitable      expect    

  includes      take care      foreign       participates      experience

PART B) Read the sentences and circle the correct answer.

PART C) Write sentences using the Present Simple and the adverbs of frequency given.

PART D) Complete the sentences with the Present Simple or Present Continuous form of the verbs given.

PART E) Complete the sentences with will or be going to and the verbs given

PART F) Read the sentences and choose the correct answer.

PART G) Read the following texts and mark the sentences  (Adam) or  (Mary).

Hello! My name’s Adam. I am from the UK and I live in Liverpool with my family. I am a high school student. My school is really cool because it is very well-organised and there are great clubs there, too. My favourite school subject is Maths. We have a Maths lesson four times a week but I like studying Maths in my free time, too. This week, I’m reading a book about how to solve difficult Maths problems. Also, I am a member of the Maths and Science Club at my school. We meet every Monday and Wednesday and our club leader is great! Next month, we’re going to participate in a national Maths competition. I’m sure our school will win because everyone in the club is studying really hard this year!



Hi! I’m Mary and I come from the USA. I live in San Francisco and I go to high school. I love my school because it has amazing teachers! This year, we have a lot of different lessons but my favourite one is History. I like learning about ancient civilizations and older generations. This week, we’re studying ancient Rome. I am also a member of the Environmental Club. We meet every Tuesday and we learn about the environment, do research and give presentations on environmental problems. Next month, we’re going to organise an environment day at school and we are also going to clean up our neighbourhood. I’m sure it’ll be great fun!